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Campingaz Icetime 13L Cooler

Campingaz Icetime 13L Cooler

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  • Holds 0.5L bottles upright
  • Cooling performance: 17h with Freez’Packs® units (1x M20 + 1x M30, sold separately)
  • Size: L30 x H38 x W20cm
  • Capacity: 12.5L
  • Weight: 1.9kg

Icetime Range Features:

  • When up-turned the lid can be used as tray.
  • Lid locking handle.
  • Bail handle for comfortable carrying.
  • Thick PU foam in the body of the cooler provides effective insulation, the injected PU foam fills every gap, therefore there are no cold spots even on the corners.
  • Outer box is polypropylene, polypropylene is extremely rugged, scratch resistant and resistant to acids and chemical solvents.
  • Inner box is polyethylene, its smooth surface is easy to clean.


A great capacity for personal use, this cooler focuses on lightweight performance for a daytrip or a picnic thanks to its rugged high quality materials and high performance insulation.  The PU foam insulation conforms to the contours of the cooler so that no section is without insulation for superior cooling performance.  It can keep the contents cold for up to 17 hours with Freez’Pack units (sold separately and the handy vertical design can hold 0.5L bottles upright, so that you always have chilled refreshments to hand throughout the day.  When in transit, the lid locking handle secures the contents, holding them in place and when you arrive at the destination, the comfortable bail handle with ergonomic shaping and an integrated rigid grip offers easier and more convenient handling.



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